Bio pesticide is used in the plants to control them from the pest and improve their growth. The bio pesticide is classified into 4 categories: microbial, bio-derived, plant-incorporated and RNA pesticide. They are derived from natural element like animal and plant remains, fungi and virus. Being non toxic and derived from natural elements that are considered completely safe for use on the crop plant. The bio pesticide is used in less quantity as they are highly effective in their performance. The decomposition rate of this bio pesticide is very fast; hence the effect on the crop can be seen quickly. The experts add each element in the appropriate quantity to make them proper. These bio pesticide are use against various bugs, pests, fungi and other micro organisms that can cause harm to the plant.

We offer the bio pesticide in two different types: agricultural and organic. The variety of bio pesticide is offered in the government approved specifications. Our bio pesticide help in removing the harmful pests and insects that stops or creates any barrier in the growth and the fruit bearing capacity of the plant. The wide range of bio pesticide that we manufacture are presented to customers in Tamil Nadu including all its 32 districts like Chennai, Coimbatore, Erode, Kanyakumari, Nilgiris, Namakkal, etc. Tamil Nadu is the 11th largest state of India and ranks 6th in terms of population. The bio pesticides are made from 100% natural components to make them completely safe for use in the agricultural process. We provide both the agricultural and organic pesticide in all the regions of Karnataka at the most affordable price range compared to any other retailers in the market.

humic amino ball exporter in Itamilnadu
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