Micronutrient Fertilizers Manufacturer in India

Micronutrients consist of elements like copper, iron, manganese, zinc, boron that are essential for the healthy plant life. Micronutrients are consumed in small quantities and exist in the tissues of plants in ppm. They are water soluble so can easily mix with the soil. The amount of each element required in the plant varies from crop to crop. We are the manufacturer of the best quality of micronutrient fertilizer that are prepared according to the crop and the element that is required in that plant.

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  • Improve yield: The micronutrient increase the yield by 15 to 25 % and also improves the quality.
  • Eco friendly: The components are completely natural and Eco friendly.
  • Great productivity: Micronutrient promotes the steady, steady growth of the plant.
  • Non toxic: The micronutrient elements used in the fertilizers are not harmful to the health of the humans or anyone who consumes the crop.


  • Content: Iron, Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Phosphate, Nitrogen
  • Function: improves the growth and supply necessary nutrients to the plant
  • Dosage: 3ml to 3.2 ml/ liter water
  • Compatibility: With most of the pesticides and fungicides
  • Packed in: HDPE bottles
  • Packaging: 50ml/ 200ml
  • Minimum order: 200L
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