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Organic fertilizers are composed of natural elements like peat, animal waste, plant residue, treated sewage sludge, etc. by using the organic components there are various benefits like improved soil aeration and water absorbing capacity of the soil. This allows the more amount of nutrients to reach the roots of the plants. Years of experience in this field have made us the brand name as manufacturer, supplier and exporter of a wide variety of organic fertilizer.

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There are various key points that make these organic fertilizers preferable over chemical and synthetic fertilizers. The advantages of the organic fertilizer are:

  • Low investment: Organic fertilizers are made with natural substances that are easily available in the environment, hence requires less capital.
  • Non poisonous: The components are natural and do not contain any chemicals, making them non toxic and avoids the possibility of any disease cause by its use.
  • Environment friendly: The raw materials are biodegradable and do not cause any infectivity to the soil or water.
  • Great productivity: The use of organic fertilizers increases the productivity of the crop and improves the quality and quantity of grown crop.


  • Composed of: Bone meal, seaweed extracts, amino acid, humic acid, dolomite
  • Dosage: 50kg/acre of organic fertilizer for vegetable
  • Packed in: Pouch, Bucket, Drum and Bag
  • Packing: 1kg, 5kg, 10kg, 24kg, 48kg and even bulk packing
  • Function: Improve the fertility of soil
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