Bio insecticide is a type of fertilizers that are used to remove the harmful insects from the crops. They are composed of live bacteria that are poisonous to the insects and kill them. The life span of these helpful bacteria is short but has a remarkable effect in killing the destructive insects quickly. The main benefit of this insecticide is that it is safe for use on the crops and is non toxic to humans, animals and birds. The bio insecticide manufacture is prepared using the best technology keeping in mind the safety and health of crop and humans. We offer two types of insecticide: organic and herbal insecticide. They are considered highly effective in removing the bugs and insects that cause damage to the crop plant.

The bio insecticide that we manufacture is supplied and exported in all the states and countries of the world. The span in the market also extends to  Bio Insecticide in Andhra Pradesh. It is the eighth largest state of India and ranks 10th in terms of population. We supply them in all the cities of Andhra Pradesh like Visakhapatnam, Guntur, Kadapa, Kakinada, etc. We make sure that the customer gets them in the proper quantity and quality as per their requirements. The concentration of the elements in the insecticide is kept in level so as to avoid any kind of damage to the crop. This type of insecticide are useful in protecting the plants from a specific type of insect or bug.

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