Jaivik Crop Care is engaged in offering a qualitative range of Humic Amino Shiny Ball Manufacturer to our clients.

Humic Amino Balls are composed of Amino acid, Humic acid, fulvic acid, potassium, etc. The farmers to improve the structure of the soil and productivity use them. They are very effective and well known for their output that it gives. These Humic Amino Shiny Balls are composed of natural materials and under the precision of the experts and professionals to give top class standards. These humic amino are made round ball in shape to let it completely mix with the soil. The balls increase the fertility and water holding capacity of the soil. These shiny balls are composed in accordance with the international standards and fine quality materials.

humic amino shiny ball

The use of Humic Amino Shiny Ball increases the crop yield by approximately 10-20%. They can be used to increase the productivity of any type of crops. These balls can be used instead of pesticides, bug spray and fertilizers. We as manufacturer provide the best quality of humic amino shiny balls that do not cause any negative effect on the crops and are advantageous to the farmers. We are also renowned as a supplier in the domestic market and exporter in the international market to provide these balls in the required quantity and supreme quality.

Humic Amino Shiny Ball Features:

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