Organic Pesticides


Organic pesticides are prepared from the natural and organic substances like neem, nicotine, etc. These pesticides are not harmful to the plants and crops. They have lower toxic content compared to the synthetic pesticides. The use of organic pesticides is considered safe to the environment. As the name suggests they contain organic substances to control the harmful pests, bugs and protect the crop from their harmful effect. Our pesticides are prepared from 100% natural and organic substances that are highly effective and accurate in working. These pesticides are formulated by the most intelligent professionals of our industry to provide the customers with the best in class products.

organic pesticide supplier
We, at Jaivik Crop Care, fabricate a wide range of pesticides that are used according to the crop and the pests that are to be controlled. We have assigned special professionals that formulate the pesticides and select the top raw materials that are highly effective. The final end product is checked under various special tests before supplying them to the client in order to ensure the quality that is provided by us. The pesticides we offer are used against insects, pests, bugs and other fungi and organisms that adversely affect the crops. We provide them at the most affordable and customizable range to our customer. Years of experience in this field has enabled us to become the most leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of organic pesticides.

Organic Pesticides Features:

  • Required in less quantity
  • Eco friendly and safe for use
  • Accurate and fast effect on the pests
  • No harmful affect on the crop and humans
  • Economic compared to chemical pesticides
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