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Agriculture is a very important and essential part for maintaining the existence of human life. The Agricultural crops should be grown using natural components to avoid any kind of negative effects on the soil as well as the one consuming the crops grown. The way in which agriculture is done has also changed with the change in technology, lifestyle and environment. Years of experience has enabled us to bring forth various types of agricultural fertilizers that are used to enhance the fertility of the soil.

There are basically two types of agricultural fertilizers:

  • Organic: These fertilizers are composed of organic substances like bone meal, seaweed extract, manure etc.
  • Inorganic: They are composed of various types of nutrients like calcium, magnesium, copper, iron etc.
agricultural fertilizer manufacturers in Jamnagar, Gujarat, India


  • More nutrients: The blended mixtures of various elements enable the plant to get more nutrients.
  • Less harmful: The organic fertilizers are not as toxic to the plant and soil like the inorganic components.
  • Improved air ventilation: The elements used in the fertilizers to improve the fertility and space in the soil making it porous and easy air circulation.
  • Increased yield: The fertilizers provide the necessary nutrients to the crop which in turn increase the production and also improve the quality of fruit.


  • Content: Natural components like bone meal, seaweeds and inorganic components like copper, iron, zinc etc.
  • Function: Enhances soil richness, improve water holding capacity, air circulation.
  • Dosage: 3ml to 3.2 ml/ liter water
  • Compatibility: With most of the pesticides and fungicides
  • Packed in: HDPE bottles
  • Packaging: 50ml/ 250ml/ 500ml/ 1L
  • Minimum order: 200L
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