Leading Plant Growth Promoter Manufacturer in Junagadh, Gujarat

To improve the growth of the plant special regulators are used. They are specifically used to regulate the growth and are highly non toxic. The plant growth promoters we manufacture are composed of high quality natural raw materials making them toxin free. They provide necessary nutrients to the plants that gives high quality crop, vegetables and improves the fertility of the soil. The regulators supply carbon, oxygen and hydrogen to the plants and soil. The plant growth regulators are active components that promotes, inhibits and modifies the growth and development of the plants. Years of experience in the market as manufacturer has enabled us to bring forth the best quality and organic growth promoters which we supply and export in national and international market. They are highly recommended and appreciated among the customers.

plant growth regulator manufacturers, Supplier & distributors in Karnataka, india


  • Highly effective in use
  • Non toxic in nature
  • Performance is reliable
  • Improved production
  • Enhanced Growth rate
  • Effect sustains for longer time


  • Content: Alkaloid, Fatty acid, Auxins and wild plants oil
  • Function: To control and enhance the growth of the crops
  • Dose: 1 to 1.3ml per liter
  • Recommended crop: Any field crop and horticulture crop
  • Compatibility: Mix with all pesticides and fungicides
  • Packing: 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1L or as per requirement
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