Agricultural Pesticides


Agricultural pesticides are used in farms to prevent the growth of pests and protect the crops from any kind of damaged caused by them. The agricultural pesticides include various kinds of natural organisms and other natural materials that affect the specific type of pests to stop their growth and enhance the growth of the crops. These agricultural pesticides  are manufactured in such a way that they do not cause any adverse effect on the crops or the one consuming the crops grown. The use of these pesticides is becoming widespread in the market compared to chemical pesticides.

agricultural pesticide supplier
Jaivik has become the most renowned manufacturer in the market because of the best quality of agro pesticides provided. We have assigned special professionals that formulate the pesticides and select the top raw materials that are highly effective. The final end product is checked under various special tests before supplying them to the client in order to ensure the quality that is provided by us. The use of our pesticides is directed to the client so that they can use it properly and get the maximum benefit from it. We offer a wide range of agro pesticides that are made in accordance with the pests which are to be controlled.

Agricultural Pesticides Features:

  • Highly effective output
  • Long lasting and fast effect
  • Recommended for all type of crops
  • Least toxic to the crop and humans
  • Targeted over insect control and disease control
  • Economic and safe compared to chemical pesticides
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