Bio Plant Growth Promoter


The growth of the plant should be in proper speed to get the best yield. To enhance the growth and productivity of the plant special bio growth promoter is used. They are effective in developing the growth rate of the crop and boost the production of crops. The main constituent of the promoter is an amino acid that is obtained from sources like plant protein and animal and fish waste. These promoters are specialized in improving the speed of the plant growth. They enhance the growth in a positive manner and in a natural and biological way by supplying the crop with necessary nutrients. We, as manufacturer are the most trusted industry for providing effective bio plant growth Promoter. Even as supplier and exporter, we have a high, reputed image in the domestic and international market.

bio plant growth promoter

Bio Plant Growth Promoter Advantages:

Bio Plant Growth Promoter Specifications:

  • Content: Humic Acid nearly 98%
  • Function: To enhance the growth of roots, crops and flowers
  • Dose: 5gm per 15 liter
  • Recommended crop: Any field crop and horticulture crop
  • Compatibility: Mix with all pesticides and fungicides
  • Packing: 50gm, 100gm, 250gm, 500gm or as per requirement
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