No.1 Bio Fungicide, Organic Fungicide Manufacturer in Gujarat, India

Since 2009, we have been providing the best quality fertilizers, insecticides, larvicide, pesticides and stimulators. The products that we provide are fabricated from high quality raw materials and substances. They are formulated by our highly experience experts. We even check the final end product to ensure the quality that we provide is as per the standards. Our products are made in accordance to the requirement of the crop and the soil and are kept completely organic and nature friendly. These products are made in such a way that only a small quantity is required and their effect lasts for a much longer time span.

The need of crops is increasing with the increasing population. Hence the yield of crops has to be increased. To meet the increasing needs, farmers try to use various chemical products to enhance the growth. They use these chemical to improve their production, but the use of synthetic fertilizers may affect the crop and soil adversely. To solve this problem we provide our organic and natural substances and products to enhance their crop productivity.

We supply our products in various domestic states and cities like Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Mumbai, Delhi, Rajasthan etc. The requirement of organic fertilizers, pesticides, stimulator and larvicide is not only increasing in our domestic market but also in international market. We even export our pesticides, stimulators, etc. in the international countries like US, Canada, UAE, Germany, etc. The range of products we supply and export are well appreciated and preferred by the farmers all over the world because of the supreme quality and performance.

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