Manufacturer of a Broad Range of Bio Insecticides

Various types of pests and insects attack the crops grown by the farmers. In order to protect them many biological agents are used to control those harmful insects. Bio insecticides are various organic compounded originated for the management of insects that feed on the crops. They differ from chemical pesticides in many aspects.

The bio insecticides are made up of live bacteria that crate a toxin in the insects that kills them. They have short life span but are even more effective when used in small quantities as compared to other pesticides. They are also safe to humans and other animals that feed on the stalks of the crops. These insecticides are highly effective in protecting the crops against a specific type of insects and bugs.


We stand as the manufacturer of the most effective bio insecticides that are offered at the most competitive price range. We provide a range like organic and herbal insecticides that are available according to the need and the crop. They are made using high technology and are manufactured under the guidance of experienced professionals.

Jaivik is a well-known Bio Insecticide Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporters among farmers in India and beyond for providing unrivaled agricultural insect solutions in the form of bio insecticides. Manufacturer, a type of active ingredient based on microorganisms such as naturally-occurring compounds such as plant extracts and semiochemicals, is a type of active ingredient. This organic formulation of bio pesticide has demonstrated its efficacy in the control of a variety of insects that feed on crops and ensures the crop and soil are always protected against disease-causing insects. Virulence is a bio insecticide that is recommended for all types of agricultural and horticultural crops and is available at the most competitive prices on the market.


Used as On During the pest stage of the insect
 50ml/15liter of water
Recommended time At any time
Function To control BPH, Thrips, Mites, White fly, some percentage of Ahid & Jassid and all Sucking Pest.
Content Citrus Paradisi peel extract, Capsicum cleocin, Ginger extract and Garlic extract
Compatibility Mix with most of all pesticides/ fungicides/PGR
Pack In HDPE bottles
Packing Available 50 ml/ 100 ml/ 250 ml/ 500 ml/ 1 L / 5 L
Bulk Packing 50 L /200 L HDPE Containers
Minimum Order Quantity 200 L
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