Humic Acids

Best Humic Acid Manufacturer in India

Humic acids are the key components in the humic substances with other organic substances and are used as the nutritional supplement for the soil. They enable the plants to take and utilize the nutrients from the soil. It also increases the water infiltration, plant growth metabolism, enhance seed germination and water holding capacity. The humic acid we provide acts as an excellent conditioner of soil. We use best quality natural and chemical substances to manufacture the humic acid.

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Humic Acid Manufacturer in India

It is then passed under quality verification test and are supervised under the experts to confirm the quality. The concentration of humic acid is set in accordance to the industry standards to avoid any kind of negative effect on the soil or plant. The wide range of humic acid manufacturer we provide are composed in accordance to the type of soil and crop that is cultivated by the farmer. We are highly renowned in the market as the manufacturer of top class humic acid preferred by the farmers in domestic and international countries.

Humic Acids Features:

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