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The main benefit of liquid humic fertilizer is its physical state. As it is in liquid state, Liquid Humic Fertilizer can easily penetrate into the soil when compared to other fertilizers that are solid in state and are needed to be dissolved. This makes fast penetration of liquid humic in the soil. They are used to improve the growth, metabolism, fertility and tie up toxins making them less reachable to plants and protect them from the toxins. Also, it helps to break up the compressed soil and improve the water penetration that enhances the root growth and development.

Bio Fertilizer Manufacturer

Bio Fertilizer Manufacturer | Humic Amino Ball

The humic acid contained in it increase the accretion of sugar, amino acids, chlorophyll etc. and makes the soil more fertile. They even act as insecticide and pesticide for the plant to protect them from harmful insects and bugs. Liquid Humic Fertilizers are helpful to reduce the fall crop breakdown. We are the manufacturer of liquid humic produced from the best quality of natural materials.

Liquid Humic Fertilizer Features:

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