Bio Stimulant


Bio stimulants are the special compounds fabricated from substances and other products that are applied to the crop plants to enhance their growth, yield and the quality of fruit produced. They regulate the crops growth process and make their production more efficient. The function of stimulant is to foster the plant development cycle starting from seed germination to ripeness. They are not required to be applied in large quantities, but only a small amount proves to be highly effective in the process. The bio stimulant also affects the metabolic processes like respiration, photosynthesis and seed germination, quality of fruit produced etc.

We provide a wide range of bio stimulant according to the need of the land and the type of crop. We have a special team of professionals that decides the amount of the components which will form the stimulant. The stimulant we provide come in various specification that are made according to the crop and field. As manufacturer, we have gained years of experience in the field of offering bio stimulant. Even as supplier and exporter, we have achieved a brand name for providing the most effective stimulant.
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