Organic Plant Growth

Organic Plant Growth Stimulator Manufacturer in Gandhinagar, Gujarat

The Organic Plant Growth Stimulator helps to restore the health of the soil and improve the seed germination. They are composed of various organic substances that motivate the development of the crops by providing them with vitamins, minerals and other components. Organic Plant Growth Stimulator energizes the biological features of the plant and decrease the loss in the nutrients. They are not fertilizers, nor pesticides that are used to kill the germs and bugs, but are used to enhance the quality of crops. This stimulator speeds up the process of growth and even improves the quality and quantity of the crop and fruits. They are highly demanded in the market to enhance their production and gain more profit. As a Organic Plant Growth Stimulator Manufacturer, we provide the best type of stimulators to enhance the plant growth and provide them with required nutrients.

organic plant growth stimulator

Organic Plant Growth Stimulator Advantages:

Organic Plant Growth Stimulator Specifications:

  • Content: Humic Acid nearly 12%
  • Function: To enhance the growth of the crops and flowers
  • Dose: 1.5 to 2ml per liter
  • Recommended crop: Any field crop and horticulture crop
  • Compatibility: Mix with all pesticides and fungicides
  • Packing: 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1L or as per requirement
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