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Humic Amino Ball

Leading Humic Amino Ball Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter in Gujarat, India

Prominent & Leading Manufacturer from Ahmedabad, we offer Humic Amino Ball.

Jaivik Crop Care LLP was established in the year 2009 in Ahmedabad. We are the foremost manufacturer, supplier and exporter of agricultural products that are used to improve the productivity of the land and crop. The main aim of our company is to bring innovation in the way of advancing the cultivation capacity of the land.

We provide a wide range of products that are made using advanced biotechnology. Our motive is to provide betterment to the farmers all over the world. The range of bio fertilizers we provide are agricultural fertilizer, organic fertilizer, potassium humate fertilizer, potassium sulphate fertilizer, carboxylic acid fertilizer, etc.

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Mission & Vision

Our business goal is to produce products by using natural materials that can preserve the ecological system. Offer agro products to facilitate the growth and are helpful to farmers in both qualitative and quantitative way.

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Our company is spread over a wide area and is equipped with various technical equipments that allows us to manufacture top quality products. We have a special team of technical experts, microbiologist, research and development team and quality check experts.

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We are quality determined company working with the main motive to provide the most qualitative fertilizers and insecticides at most economical rates. We have special dedicated, trained and experienced professionals that manage the production.

Humic Amino Ball : Overview & Specification

What is Humic Amino Ball?

The Humic ball is basically a mixture of potassium, amino acid, humic acid and nitrogen. The content of this element is kept in different proportions according to the size of balls required. The balls are derived from 100% organic components to maintain the quality of soil.

What is humic amino ball used for?

These humic amino balls are used to improve the quality of soils. They increase the productivity of the soil by approximately 10-20 %. These balls can be used instead of various pesticides and insecticides to protect the crop from insects. They increase the water holding capacity of the soil and makes it more fertile and productive.

Why to choose our Humic Amino Ball?

The humic amino balls we provide are small and shiny round granules that can easily mix up with the soil. We offer a wide range of humic amino balls that are fabricated from natural substances with the help of hard-working professionals. These balls are composed in accordance with the industrial standards.

Humic Amino Ball Price in India

A large variety of humic amino ball are available in the market, according to the amount of natural element contents in them. They are even available in various sizes of diameter. The price of these balls varies with each retailer and with respect to the quality of humic amino content in them. As manufacturer, we provide the most economic price range for the wide range of balls we offer. In our industry you will get both good quality and quantity of amino balls at very competitive price compared to other retailers in the domestic and international market.

Manufacturer and Supplier of:

  • Humic Amino Shiny Ball
  • Humic Acid
  • Liquid Humic
  • Organic and Herbal insecticide
  • Bio fertilizer
  • Organic fertilizer
  • Magnesium sulphate fertilizer
  • Plant growth regulator
  • Bio plant growth promoter
  • Plant Nutrient
  • Agricultural and Organic pesticide
  • Flowering stimulator

Our key points:

  • We provide the most effective results on the crops.
  • Each and every product is proposed with the intention to improve the quality.
  • We ensure efficient use of the organic chemicals and raw materials to promote the growth of crops.
  • We have highly skilled employees and offer high level safety to them.
  • The prices we offer are very competitive
  • Great range of qualitative products

HUMIC AMINO( SHINY BALLS) Manufacturer, Stockiest & Dealers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

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